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Dear Google Tier 2 Support Team,

From Scott & Tonya Horrigan, we are requesting that a retribution and a credit be made to our account for the phone replacement fee of 937-770-9943. We have spent over 10 hours on the phone with support trying to get the phone to function and operate as described.

To which we have not been successful and nor has any help been provided. We went though help with the first phone and finally we were given a RMA number to which I had to make sure to have a credit card paid off in order to get the phone shipped to us. Once we received the phone we went through the process of activation only to find out that a sim card was not sent with the phone. I called google again and spent about 1.5 hours on the phone, and was instructed to order a sim card with my wifes phone on her application under shop tab,.

After going through this feature we found that the option to order a sim card was not available in the application any longer. I drove over two hours to get to a Best Buy Store to which the Google told me to go to and buy a sim card to make everything work. So I did this so the phones could be working, was able to get two of our phones to work just fine after replacing the sim card, but nothing gives me back $63.80 I had to pay to fill back up with gas from the trip at 60 miles to the store and 60 miles back a total of 120 miles at 6 miles to the gallon in fuel, it cost me 20 gallons to fill back up again and that is at $3.19 per gallon for a total of $63.80, I should have not had to spend but did to get the phones working. Only to be over come by stress to find out that my Wifes new replacement phone is still unable to make a phone call on the network and only will make calls on wifi.

I can hold my phone right beside hers and get connected to the Sprint tower but in unable to get her phone to connect. Every time we have called we are forced onto hold to listen to the Orchestra music that is on a continuous loop that never ends and has drove us crazy to listen to for over 10 hours. We are told that the next Tier will take care of the problem and credit me back and make things right, but will take yet another 72 hours. Really is this what we signed up she went from a phone that would not make calls on wifi, to now one that will not make calls on the cellular network.

We have reset the phone, we have reset the network, replaced sim cards, paid to have the phone replaced, spent all the time on hold, paid for the phone replacement fee, paid for the phone service continuously every month, I have brought other customers to this service by referrals, but still we are having problems that can not be repaired. We need these problems fixed and things made right. We feel taken advantage of. here, and even as we speak my daughters replacement moto x 4 still will not receive the updates that in had in order to enable gestures as they were and the dark them that she had,.

the update seems to be gone, and unavailable what gives.

I don't mean to go on here but lets get these problems fix. Come on Google, Make things right here lets have phones that work the way they are designed and service that performs like it did in the beginning.


Scott Horrigan

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Google Pros: Many free services offered.

Google Cons: Service and support.

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