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Google Youtube URL thief Ben Wallace, employee for Google UK in London, former Oxford University student

I have a oxforduniversity youtube domain name that I registered for first, what happened was

I had been asked to give up my oxforduniversity youtube name by Google marketing associate project manager named Bell Wallace. He asked me on several emails and he said it is against Google's policy to take names anyway but he insisted that Oxford University was requesting the name which I said no. He wrote again and again and I said no I do not want to give up my name. I never heard from him again but 5 months later I logged on and I notice my Youtube URL was changed without reason and I discovered it changed with University of Oxford instead. My went from this URL

to this URL which I immediately contact this Bell Wallace and he refuses to respond. I have called him left messages and he refuses to respond, emails too, nothing.

Now Googling the guy he has his profile here on Linkin: which he was a former Oxford University student which is conflict of interest in taking my OxfordUniversity yourtube URL name and gave it to the University. What a sham, this guy is nuts, he just violated Youtube Google's policy and he goes messaging after the fact. I even have their policy that the company cannot do this.

Well guess what I am suing this guy and taking this guy to Federal Court for stealing my Youtube user name for damages and my URL back.

Company information:

Google UK - Ben Wallace - associate project marketing manager

Googke UK, 76 Buckingham Palace Road

United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7346 2371


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San Luis Obispo, California, United States #739331

He now works in San Francisco main Google headquarters, I am not done with this guy. He will be sued.

Lincoln, Nebraska, United States #738893

Well, did you successfully sue Google? Or not?

I'm not insulting you or anything, I'm genuinely curious about this. I agree that this would be a tremendous conflict of interest, as you described it.

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