2420 Supercenter Dr NE, Kannapolis, NC 28083
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Google reviews didn't post my original message about the Walmart located at 2420 Supercenter Dr NE, Kannapolis, NC. Here is my review.

"Oh my lawd some girl had walked up to the cigarette trash can outside, opened it up, had stolen a cigarette butt out from the bottom, walked off, and started smoking it.

Now that is disgusting!

People who shop here are gross."

All I have to say is that that it is disgusting to see people stealing cigarette butts out of a receptacle and smoking it. Walmart in Kannapolis definitely attracts the trashy customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Google Review Listing.

Reason of review: Grossed out about the situation..

Preferred solution: N/A.

Google Pros: Hours.

Google Cons: Nasty customers stealing cigarette butts out of trash.

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I've had that happen at every retail location ive ever worked...and I was promoted throughout the state for a company...so it's alot of different location in different towns and cities....people are just gross....

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