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I didn't get my entire order. No date available for delivery of missing items.

AND THE REASON I TRIED it out WAS FOR AMEX OFFER which now it does not qualify because they shorted the order. So bottom line UNLESS THEY PAY YOU ITS NOT WORTH IT AND MAYBE NOT EVEN THEN.

I think I made it to 100 words if not SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS, Hope that helps others understand how to better save time, money and most of have another reason to not like google. I don't mind if google rules the world as long as they keep principals in check when doing so.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Google Express is terrible. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use their services.


Yup, this is my first and last time G-Ship sucks I ordered early and was supposed to receive my kid's christmas present last week and now it will come after Christmas Never again


They are trash!!!!! When I first started my order on a Tuesday, they estimated a same day delivery (Wednesday) if I did it within the time limit, I did, when it's time to check out, now the delivery date is Thursday, not what it said the first time but ok, Thursday gets here, and now the estimated time of delivery is Friday at the end of the day, why does it take 4 days to receive an item that's barely pound !!!!!


Google Express is the worst ever. NEVER EVER order anything through them.

They never include a packing slip nor do they include any way to return bad items. They wont mail you a shipping label. Its sent by email. Then You have to go to UPS and use their computer to print (I dont have a printer) a shipping label.

The fee for that STARTS at $3.00. Then .30 for each page printed. Google Express gave me a $15 coupon for their bad customer service. So I have tried to use this coupon on more than 10 items...lololol.

Everyone of those 10 things I pick are excluded from goupon discounts. SCREW YOU GOOGLE!!!!!! YOU HAVE WASTED SO MUCH OF MY TIME.



agree 6,000,000 % they suck , they will jew you , NEVER DEAL WITH THESE {{REDACTED}} ! they rip you off and sell you defective products and then refuse to give you a refund or honor warranty or their own polices just like the google store does with its {{Redacted}} defective phones they try and tell you to go through the manufacturer or the store that just laughs in your face and refuses to help you because you bought from google their customer service is just as bad as their non existent tech support , no wonder google is the only one of the tech giants that does not have any physical brick and mortar stores.

because they know they would all be burned to the ground by angry mobs wielding pitch forks and torches i could honestly see people getting lynched , i certainly would never want to work anyplace with a Google, YouTube, Google Express or any other Google product or service name on the building , one of these days it is all going to catch up to (((them))) just like it did in San Bruno. you think people who be quitting Google in droves after San Bruno ,reminds me of that scene from clerks when they are debating the storm troopers on the death star when it was blown up ,they concluded that they deserved to get blown up because they knew they were working for the empire


I agree, I shopped with them and spent more than it would have been on Amazon Prime because they guaranteed delivery by an earlier date. The package didn't arrive on time and when I called it was being delivered later than Prime would have and they gave no help or solutions.

DO NOT USE GOOGLE EXPRESS!! It should be called Google Basic, they are awful


Complete waste of my time ordering a pair of flip flops from Whole Foods via Google Express. Ordered a week ago and zero communication that item has been pulled and shipped.

Hours of emails, chats, attempted holds on phone for 20 minutes then hanging up, I GIVE UP. Never again; stick with any company to buy and deliver, besides this one. I bet I don't even get an email stating the item is sold out now, because it is.

I better not see a charge on my Visa. Zero email updates with Google Express, very difficult to communicate with.


Out of two orders from them I've had three issues... From CD's sent instead of vinyl, coffee grounds busted open and were inside the box and another item that probably sat for years and had two months until it was expired, opened it and was beyond stale.They think everything's solved by tossing $20 vouchers for Express which is nice but I'd rather my orders be correct the first time and not have to deal with customer support which I feel awkward about because it makes me look like I'm lying and just fishing for another voucher when in reality their service is absolute garbage!I've told five people not to use the service to which the usual response is "What's Google Express?" Good answer, just pretend they don't exist because they shouldn't.


Google express provides a true middleman experience with not a single consumer/customer benefit. Just another layer of pain in the ***


Poor service. The delivery person fails to follow instructions to call me from the call box of my apartment so that I can let him inside the apartment building.

Instead he leaves and takes the delivery with him, causing a delay. Will not recommend Google Express to anyone.


Trying to use. Promotional offer from Google mini.

Sucks could not find a smartwatch?

Sucks-Blows-Sucks. Ready to give up on the $25.00

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