I am a very smart and savy person and even I was scamed I am pissed if it sounds to good to be true then it diffintly is I called and cancled my visa card today befor I could be charged anything not even the $1.95. I can't believe I fell for it!!!!!!!!I hope these people rot in *** for ALL ETERNITY I would suggest that everyone out there who have been scamed to call your bank dispute all charges and just cancle your crdeit or dibit card it's the best way to be hassle free I want to thank all of you people who wrote in this is how I was able to find out I was scamed. I was scamed today and cancled my crdit card today just a few minutes ago

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Do a charge back with your card company then cancel your card and have a new one issued.


This happened to me as well. I will definitely have to cancel my credit card as well. Because Standard Bank is the worst bank ever when it comes to disputing credit card fraud.


So has anyone found the solution to this problem ? If so, please let me know. Thank you, Jim


I was scammed just yesterday. I think Google (the REAL company) must know about the fraudulent business of Google Profit Library, because they are inherently connected by name and logo.

I still can't cancel my Dream Pro Web hosting account.

Web page doesn't work and when I called, they said I have to wait for their e-mail (which never came). Tell everybody Google Profit Library is a scam!!

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