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I purchased a subscrition for a credit reporting agency through Google with a bank card linked to my Google account. I did authorize the first time in July 2017 I however did cancel August 2017.

Was charged anyway because apparently I cancelled through the credit app. When I realized that Google would continue to charge me in Sept. I got on the phone immediatly that day in Aug 2017 to inform Google that I cancelled and ro refund my $9.99. The manager on duty inform me that no they would not that I had to dispute the charge with my bank.

I did call my bank. They want to cancel my card and issue me a new one. I am on a fixed income. No way I want to mess with my account that is set up for direct deposit.

So Google gets to rip off another colustomer. Who actually knows how many ppl this has happened to?

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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