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    • That they are completely non responsive to customers 1 name is DarkoMAJETIC .i need help with my google accaunt.My password is TRUBARJEVA55 Ineed your help for reseting my google accaunt,becouse i forgot my password and my 2step is set long ago .i forgot my phone number for acc.I have used my google acc. On my tablet Lenovo and now i cant get pass google passworrd.we have tried everithing but it wont work.PLEASE RESET MY GOOGLE PASSWORD ON MY... Read more

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This has been going on for 6 months. Due to some weird glitch in the password reset mechanism I don't receive the codes. I've tried contacting them and no one ever responds. The receptionists at the main office are rude and snotty and refuse to put me through to the appropriate person. Not only do I want to get back into my account , but I also want an apology. I was told that , "our supervisors never speak to the public". Then one of... Read more

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Gmail revoked my email account and won't tell me why. They claim I violated their terms of service, and instructed me to read them. I had already read them and knew I didn't violate them. The real reason they deleted my account is because I sent conservative emails to my friends which google doesn't like because they are far-left liberals. Gmail isn't for law-abiding citizens. Apparently it is only for radicals and socialists. Socialism is... Read more

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I contacted Google customer service to see if I could mark my business as temporarily closed for the winter season. Based on some research it didn't seem possible, but I wanted to check. The first response said "Well, I can help you with this. All you need to do is, simply write back to me with the specific time period for which you'd like to show for your business as closed. I'll make the changes for you and it'll be done." So I replied with... Read more

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  • Sep 26
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Me and my mother both have a gmail account on the same computer. And when we sign in it doesnt take either of us to our inbox it takes us to privacy security settings page, and when I change over to my account and sign in it only pulls up her account and wont switch to mine. Gimme a break allready!!!

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I have received money through Google Wallet. The website states that the transaction can take up to 24h to complete. After 24h of seeing the received money as "pending", I contact costumer support. They say it may take up to 2 days. I wait two days. Nothing. I contact costumer support again and am asked to wait a little longer. Fine. I wait till next morning and to my surprise, I can see the balance available on my Wallet app. I thought it... Read more

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Google Closed My Very First Email Account With No Reason Given And Stole All Of My Written Work!
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On Saturday, August 6, 2016, Google ganged up on me and Closed /Blocked my Very First Gmail Account which was called: [HOWARDPAULSHORE @GMAIL.COM] without Providing Me With A Legitimate, nor Honest Reason and I did absolutely Nothing Illegal and did Not Spam anybody and they KEPT ALL OF MY LETTERS AND INFORMATION without GIVING MY PROPERTY BACK TO ME in which they still have! Yes, I have complained to them as you can see in my attached... Read more

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When I open gmail to access my mail there is ads and.If you want verification of my details just ask do not send these ads that block my mail.Now your site want 100 words just deal with my complain.Do you want to read a story of your child hood or a modern story.This will take a while because we do not know what your agenda is with the hundred words, maybe a scam or some other bull ***.If I ever do get a answer why do you need a hundred words... Read more

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Google Fraud Review from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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GOOGLE INC GOOGLE locked my phone without reason or explanation im a blind handicapped person my mobile has speacial feachers for me because im blind and my phone provider said that it was a google issue and google said that the security feature was placed on my mobile by mistake but yet they laughed and never cared to fix it or remove the lock mmy mobile had nothing to do with google and google had no ownership rights to my mobile METROPCS... Read more

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Today my mobile phone was stolen. Thanks to Gmail I can't access the device manager, because i need to confirm my Identity. The police can't help me because I'm in Italy. With the device manager I would have a remote Chance locating my phone. fjas.df dsfl dskfaj sd asfd sdfa asdf sdfa sdfa sdaf sdf sdfa fsd df df dsfs sda fasd fds f sdf sdf sdf dsf ds dsfds fsd fds fds fds fds ds f dsf dsf dsf x cxds fe fsd few rfds fed few fds fd fd fe wf df... Read more

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