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Google Fraud Review from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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GOOGLE INC GOOGLE locked my phone without reason or explanation im a blind handicapped person my mobile has speacial feachers for me because im blind and my phone provider said that it was a google issue and google said that the security feature was placed on my mobile by mistake but yet they laughed and never cared to fix it or remove the lock mmy mobile had nothing to do with google and google had no ownership rights to my mobile METROPCS... Read more

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Google allows to have RACIST reviews to be published on our Google places -----" Cortney Massey Rating Review posted on Jul 14, 2016 The Russian did a horrible job and is a douche bag" How is that possible in the modern day? Google gets away with murder!!! Just look at what happened Lately in Florida and Dallas. Is Goggle inciting and supporting that kind of behavior. We appealed to Google to remove above review and others that are obviously... Read more

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Google's requirement that Google Wallet be active in order to buy anything from Google is intrusive and offensive. Google collects data on everybody yet they also Require a Photo ID and a copy of an invoice to verify where you live? Why? I have a Credit score of 800, own the home I have lived in for over ten years, and have had a Gmail account forever, BUT Google insists that isn't enough documentation for them. Google already has Too Much... Read more

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Always a box message telling me i used all of my "storage quota", and i can not send my emails. I do not know where to go and delete stuff or i do not know if my email account needs to delete old messages. My google drive is half empty. I deleted most of info from Google Drive. Usually, i am always getting a popup message asking me to buy more storage. I have Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook account but i wanted to use GMAIL as my main email. I can... Read more

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I found it interesting that today's google pic (3-22-16) on their main page has an African American woman and next to her is a black panther hand sign. Anyone else think its a little interesting?? I never post, and usually could care less, but this one bothered me for some reason. Probably because google should have caught this. I know most probably would not even notice it, but this stuck out like a sore thumb to me. Google??? any thoughts on... Read more

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I detest them with all my heart. I signed up for cloud storage. I was supposed to be able to access my photos from any device. When I changed phones, I discovered all my irreplaceable pictures had disappeared. Google said it was because I had yahoo, not gmail, and my photos did not sync. Google is despicable. All of my precious pictures are lost. I am devastated.

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Google Wallet the pics say it all. I used to buy a laptop. It was defective and I returned it and bought another. These dummies shut me down for suspicious activity. When the *** did purchasing and returnign a defective product to repurchase another become suspicious?! These morons can't even return the money they stole!!

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In this instance there are no monetary losses but taking into consideration peoples time phone storage and other things im letting everyone know. Theres a free messaging and calling appon google play called pinger text free. You can download and run other apps to earn minutes for texting and calling. So far i have not received my minutes for any and all apps downloaded and ran. Youll waste your time and phone storage. Plus any of the... Read more

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My family went on vacation. We thought using Google Wallet would be wonderful because you had the option to turn it on and off to help with fraud. The funds did not transfer to my account as though (my fault). So we tried paying for the hotel with my wife's google wallet card. The hotel person swiped the card twice for to much money and then went through for the second time. We then needed more money while waiting for my money to clear. She... Read more

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